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With wallee you get more. Our advanced cloud technology allows you to use a lot of data in a completely different way. Many additional functions are possible, e.g. automation in accounting.

Automated accounting

We do it for you

As the owner of a shop or operator of an online shop, you know about the effort involved in bookkeeping. Especially with the offer of different payment options, payment methods and international offers with different tax rates, this duty quickly becomes complex and time-consuming. Not so with wallee: we keep a complete sub-ledger of transactions for you and automatically create the accounting records for you, which you can easily transfer to your bookkeeping.

Reconciliation with wallee

Start now

By automating your accounting, you can focus on your core business. Activate the automated accounting feature in your wallee account and we will bring together all relevant payment data and prepare it for your accounting. You can export this data or connect it directly to your accounting software via API. This is how it works:


1. activation

Activate the automated accounting feature in your wallee account. This will save you time and effort in the future, e.g. with different VAT rates, the collation or allocation of the various payments and much more.


2. integration

Automated accounting with wallee works via our normal integration variants, e.g. via the practical plugins for Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify, and does not need to be additionally configured. This saves you enormously in terms of costs and IT effort.


3. we do the

From here on, we take over for you. All tax-relevant data for, among other things, turnover, debtor or credit card commissions are recorded, automatically assigned and prepared. We create the necessary booking records for you - also for the disbursements on your accounts.


4. further processing

All processed data is available to you as a report via export or can also be retrieved via our practical API. This gives you all the options for further processing and allows you to connect your ERP or accounting tool, for example.

Automated accounting

More time for the
essential tasks

The easy-to-connect automated accounting system from wallee allows you one thing above all: more time for the essential tasks in your business. Annoying "compulsory exercises" are fully automated in the background and prepared for you according to legal requirements. If you use wallee for payment processing, you can activate it with just a few clicks. It is possible for various payment methods and in some cases can also be connected to external sources in order to record further flows. We would be happy to advise you personally.


Conversion, turnover, upselling

Through subscription models and facilitation of recurring payments, you increase customer loyalty, increase conversion and increase your turnover. The risk of shopping cart abandonment decreases and at the same time up- and cross-selling becomes much easier. The biggest advantages of easy subscription payments with wallee are obvious.

Smooth process

Your customer's means of payment has expired? No problem with wallee. We take care of checking the means of payment, contact the customer if necessary with a request to update it and carry out the booking. You receive a confirmation of the successful transaction. This allows you to concentrate fully on the essentials of your business.

Always there for you

We offer billing models that ideally meet the requirements of your business. Choose from a fixed / recurring model for continuous revenue - this includes, for example, subscriptions on a fixed schedule and monthly billing. A metered pricing model is also possible: charge according to consumption, volume or other metrics.


What tasks does wallee take off my hands?

wallee's automated accounting keeps a complete sub-ledger of all transactions for you and prepares corresponding accounting records for your bookkeeping. In doing so, we record the tax-relevant sales incl. corresponding VAT rates and allocate the payment flows. We can do this under certain conditions. You can find out more about this in our documentation or by contacting our support.

  • Your acquirer(s) provides the reconciliation or settlement files.

  • The transaction is processed via wallee or

  • The payment flow is processed by one of our partners, whose data we can also integrate. There are interfaces to Abacus, MS Dynamics, SAP and many more.

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