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With wallee you get more. Our technology allows the simple connection of numerous features. And to a large extent, you can design these according to your own ideas. Check-outs in your desired design, individual document templates for automated dispatch or your own application via API.


Your customer, your style

Perfect payment processing fits seamlessly into your style at every point - technically mature, lean in the process and visually according to your ideas. And because a customer experience also includes communication around the actual transaction, wallee also provides you with all the tools you need for this. Design the entire payment experience according to your ideas and style.

Document Handling

Dynamically generate

wallee offers holistic payment integrations for perfect payment management. This also includes successful communication with the customer around a transaction. This leads to high customer satisfaction, high conversion and recurring purchases.

With wallee you can create documents dynamically, design them individually, send them automatically and supplement them directly with dynamically generated payment information.


PDF documents

Generate personalised PDF documents. Simply from our templates or by importing your templates in the integrated resource editor. Create invoices, delivery notes, cover letters and much more.



Payment reminders have never been so easy. Activate the reminder function and you can have individualised, personalised payment reminders and dunning letters sent automatically.



Store predefined email templates that can be supplemented with personalised variables. This way you can send automated emails to your customers and perfect the payment experience.


SMS, Slack & more

Discover many more ways to communicate with your customers on a personal level with our plugins, e.g. via SMS message or Slack. Social commerce can come.


Individualisation made easy

Resources Editor

Adapt the check-out flows to your style - it's easy and requires no programming knowledge. In your Space in the wallee Portal you will find the wallee Resource Editor. Here you will find all the images, files and templates that determine the appearance and content of your Check-Outs.

With the practical editor, you can overwrite standard texts individually for each language, add or change images and pick up predefined variables to include personalised texts. Stay true to your style, even when processing payments.


Document delivery

Fantastic, you have delighted your customer and he has bought from you. The transaction was successful. Now the documents for the purchase still have to be created and transmitted: Receipts, delivery note, invoice and much more.

wallee can not only create these automatically for you as part of the payment processing, you can also have them processed or delivered automatically, e.g. by e-mail or via cloud printing. You can find more options in our plugins.

  • mail

    Delivery by mail

    We offer you e-mail templates and you can send all mails to your customers automatically from the wallee portal. Alternatively, you can also set up your own mail server in the portal and send via it. > More

  • cloud_download

    Printing via Cloud Printing

    Would you like to send documents by post? Use the practical cloud printing service. As soon as documents have been created automatically, they are sent directly to your printer and can be processed. > Read more

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