Use Cases & Stories

Payment processing is often more successful the more "invisible" it is - as stable, fast, seamless and intuitive as possible. That's why sometimes you don't even notice where our payment processing is attractively integrated. Here you can see examples and customer testimonials where wallee is in use.

Current Story

Data insights thanks to omnichannel in the stadium

FC St.Gallen 1879

90 min. action. The networked omnichannel solution from wallee provides valuable insights into what's happening in the stadium. How football clubs can benefit.

More than just payments

Industry features

wallee offers a superior, cloud-based solution. In addition to perfect payment processing, it enables numerous additional features and customised functions for many industries. The development is determined by the needs of our customers. Discover which features can enrich your industry. Some examples:


Tip function in gastronomy

The practical tip function of our modern Android-based terminals has led to significantly more tip turnover. Customers love it.


Warehouse management through webhooks

Our cloud solution offers many possibilities. With webhooks, further processes such as warehouse management can be easily realised.


Temporary POS capacities

Whether it's an event, Christmas business or an important trade fair: Rent terminals for individual months and bind them ready for use with just a few clicks.


Keeping an overview on the road

Whether on the move thanks to incl. 4G LTE via terminals, via app or at vending machines: You can later retrieve all receipts online at your leisure via the wallee portal.


Retail (Retail)

Even with high customer volumes during periods of full load, the terminal is a reliable partner and ideally suited for use in retail. Of course also within your terminal fleet and across multiple locations. The device is PCI 5 certified and easy to set up for any requirement via the wallee portal. The hardware with modern readers, expandable memory and powerful processor ensure consistently stable performance in your network.

Bars, Clubs & Stores

The new Android-based wallee terminals not only come with extensive features. They also look phenomenal - your customers will notice. The wallee terminals are therefore also popular in many bars, clubs and fashion stores. The brilliant HD touchscreen with multi-touch is simply top-notch, even in dimmed environments. The additional functions thanks to our advanced cloud technology are also convincing. For example, the practical tip function, which makes tipping easier and thus leads to more sales.

Bars & Restaurants

A great evening in the casual bar, the business lunch in the trendy restaurant... but a payment experience from the day before yesterday? It doesn't add up, your customers expect state-of-the-art hardware and features, speed and convenience. Often it is not the payment itself, but the payment experience that leaves a bad impression. With wallee, this is a thing of the past. Top-designed terminals, fast transactions, perfect additional features, such as the practical tip function for more tips or online receipt retrieval. The perfect terminals for your bar and restaurant.

Couriers, Delivery Services & Driving Services

Is your business always on the move? We are there. Whether as a courier, delivery service or driving service: there are numerous services where payments have to be accepted quickly, securely and reliably while on the move. The modern Android-based wallee terminals are ideally suited for this. Hardware that leaves nothing to be desired (and does not leave out any important payment option), top features such as the central set-up and management of the devices online via the wallee portal or online receipt retrieval, which is possible at any time, as well as a data tariff already included in the price. This means that your terminal can be used anywhere thanks to 4G LTE.


In hardly any other industry does equipment have to be as state-of-the-art as in the hotel industry. This also applies to terminals. Our modern Android-based wallee terminals will inspire your customers - both in terms of design, perfect transaction processing and user comfort. The special functions of wallee for the hotel industry round it off: pre-authorisations, partial invoices, digital receipt retrieval and much more. Contact us and we will advise you in detail about the possibilities with wallee in the hotel industry.

Markets, Fairs & Events

Set no limits to your business and offer your customers modern payment methods at markets, trade fairs or events. The modern Android-based wallee terminals are ideally suited for this purpose. Hardware that leaves nothing to be desired, top features such as the central set-up and management of the devices online via the wallee portal or online receipt retrieval, as well as a data tariff already included in the price. Thanks to 4G LTE, your terminal is ready for use wherever you are.

Gastronomy & Hotel Industry

Our modern Android-based terminals are the perfect choice for intensive use in the catering and hotel industry. Visually a real eye-catcher, they make a good impression on your customers. Equipped with all relevant readers on the hardware side, you can start accepting modern means of payment immediately. Integration into your terminal fleet or POS system is very easy with walle. Our terminals are of course PCI certified and can be easily set up via the wallee portal. The tip function is also particularly interesting for this industry.

wallee Omnichannel

Perfect payments for every industry

You too can benefit from individual features and possibilities with wallee for your industry. Our team is looking forward to meeting you. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about all the possibilities of modern payment processing in your business case.

Many scenarios

Payments with wallee are successfully in use in many examples. You too can get started with us.


Cafés, restaurants, bars

Modern terminals that catch the customer's eye, practical tip function, online receipt retrieval and much more.


Online marketplaces

Are several merchants involved in a transaction? No problem with wallee. Perfect for marketplaces.



Small store or large retail chain with international locations: our cloud solution is convincing.


Digital services

Subscription streaming service or whitepaper download? We offer the right solution for more sales.


Mobility of tomorrow

We have successful examples in shared economy, EV charging, public transport in our portfolio. Contact us.


On the road

As a delivery service or at markets, you benefit from 4G with our terminals (incl.), online receipts and much more.


Automated payments

Parking machines, self-service counters and vending machines generate revenue around the clock. Start now.

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wallee portal free of charge

Just one place to manage all payments. That's all it takes. In the wallee portal, you can set up payment methods, retrieve all receipts, manage your terminals and e-commerce channels, and much more.