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Nice to see you...

Welcome to our Company Culture Page and the wallee universe! Driven by the most creative and engaged talents we are proud to live up to our values every day. On this site and in our offices across Europe, you will discover everything about our values and what they mean to us. We are thrilled to have you here. #wearewallee

Our Values

We are delighted to introduce you to the five core values that drive our culture. These values are more than just words - they serve as our guiding star, representing the very essence of who we are and how we operate. As a community, we all share the responsibility to uphold and align our actions and behaviours with these values, and we firmly believe that by doing so, we can create a workplace that inspires excellence, innovation, and achieving great results.

"Make a difference"

... is about our dedication to continuous improvement. We strongly believe that reflecting on our current practices and experiences - let it be our successes or failures - is a rich source of learning. Learning is essential for such a dynamic and agile organization like ours, because it helps us to further improve our products, our customer experience and our workplace as well. We believe that listening with an open mind to our talents and our customers is what enables true understanding of their needs and challenges.

"Together is better"

... means that we strongly believe that collaboration brings better outcomes, no matter how much of a genius you are. To tap into collective intelligence, we have to rely on and trust each other, and embrace diverse perspectives. Creating a safe space where everyone feels encouraged to share their views is also essential for tapping into the benefits of collective intelligence.

"We are committed"

... shows our dedication towards outstanding performance. For that, it's important to be aligned on our priorities: we act in favor of our customers and we are dedicated to quality, both enabling us to achieve great results. We invest time and consideration in where to invest our limited resources and then we focus on these priorities. We take accountability for the deliveries we promised.

"Embrace empowerment"

... reflects our ambition to give more autonomy and decision-making power to our teams. We believe that empowering teams brings more engagement and better solutions in the highly volatile environment we operate in. However, empowerment is a two-way street: the high level of autonomy comes with responsibility. We make empowerment happen by building trust, investing in knowledge sharing, clarifying expectations and regular delivery of feedback. We also empower our customers to influence our decisions, so that we can deliver more valued solutions.

"Stay positive"

... is about having a solution-focused attitude, accepting that challenges are part of our (work) life, and considering them as possibilities to create something better. We take ownership for actively shaping our work environment: creating good vibes, respecting and encouraging others, and being benevolent. We are leading by example and we find a fine balance between capturing our achievements and being honest about what should be done better next time.

Everything about our values in the Culture Playbook

The wallee Culture Playbook is your practical guide on how we can bring our corporate culture to life together and live our values every day. Download the playbook as a PDF now (only possible as a logged-in employee).