Technological lead

with wallee

If there's one thing that sets us apart, it's our technologically advanced solution via the cloud. It enables us to offer true omnichannel as your payment service provider. Whether online, in-app, at the POS terminal or at vending machines - with wallee you have one provider, one platform, one solution.

True Omnichannel with wallee

Easy pay any way

Why do we talk about "real" omnichannel at wallee? Quite simply: because we have a technological solution that is second to none. There is hardly a payment provider who does not mention the word omnichannel... Payment processing via different channels: In-store, online shopping or at vending machines. That's what everyone wants to achieve. However, there are often separate systems behind this. With wallee it's different. Learn more about true omnichannel.

"With wallee, all transactions run through one system, regardless of the channel. One connection, one portal, one infrastructure - but almost unlimited possibilities."

Our technology

Be ahead

That was our direction from the beginning: Be ahead. Let's build a platform that unites payment processing - technologically leading, independent of the channel and always with the customer in focus. We believe we have achieved this. Three components are the building blocks why our technology is superior, why we offer true omnichannel:


Cloud technology

wallee has been based on an advanced cloud solution since the beginning. This sets us apart from many traditional providers and allows us to offer numerous options. Central set-up and administration, many additional features, high stability and fail-safety and much more.


avenue API

If it's just one system, then one connection is enough. We have developed a very simple but powerful API with which you can access everything and integrate it completely into your IT according to your wishes. This leaves nothing to be desired.


"Real" Omnichannel

Now the highlight: all channels are connected to this cloud solution and API. So it makes no difference whether you want to accept payments in the shop, in your app, in your online shop, at vending machines or self-service checkouts, .... The central management, integration and access from the wallee portal is identical.

True Omnichannel

The customer in focus

It's simple: easy pay any way. Choose wallee and thanks to true omnichannel you will practically never have to deal with an integration project for payment processing again. Adding a first store to your successful online shop? Your company is opening an additional location with new terminals? You want to add in-app payments to your loyalty card? Your network of vending machines is growing rapidly?

As a customer of wallee, you already have everything you need and can concentrate on your growth strategy. You already have all the options when it comes to payment processing.

Focus on the customer

How do your customers benefit?

By making the channel irrelevant. Your customers will love it: Fluid payment processing at terminals, online or at vending machines. Payments that are started on site and can be continued online. All modern payment methods, perfect customer communication and top analytics. You can already see where this is heading for you: increased loyalty, higher sales and better conversion. Arrange a consultation and we will show you what is possible with true omnichannel.

Customer testimonial

"Since we joined wallee, it's been going on by itself."

We faced a challenge when choosing a payment provider. Our company is growing fast and we have a lot planned and don't want to be tied down from the start. When we found out what was possible with true omnichannel, our decision was made - since then, it's practically gone by itself. We have added more payment methods to our online shop, opened our first physical locations, were also able to accept payments at trade fairs for the first time and can manage everything from the same backend. Perfect.

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Just one place to manage all payments. That's all it takes. In the wallee portal, you can set up payment methods, retrieve all receipts, manage your terminals and e-commerce channels, and much more.