Welcome to wallee. From now on, it's easy for you to accept payments:
Whether modern payment methods on the internet, card payments in shops or processing payments at vending machines. Discover your diverse possibilities with wallee.

Offer payments with wallee

Use all the opportunities of a networked and digital world with Payments. wallee is your partner on all channels - for start-ups with their first own webshop to international corporations with a multi-channel strategy. With the wallee portal, you can easily set up and manage payment methods in one place. Offer your customers modern payment methods.
With wallee you can from one source:

Payments on the Internet


Whether in the online shop, in your mobile app or other e-commerce channels:
With wallee, it is very easy to offer your customers modern payment methods such as credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT and many more.

The payment forms can be integrated directly into your check-out. Our plugins make the integration into the well-known shop systems particularly easy. With the API, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Start now.

Payments in the shop


With the modern terminals from wallee, you can easily offer card payments and other contactless payment methods (e.g. Twint, Apple Pay or Google Pay). A real added value for your customers - in your shop, at the POS or even on the move thanks to 4G LTE and integrated SIM card. All terminals are also available for rent.

Onboarding, setup and the retrieval of receipts are possible with just a few clicks via the wallee portal. With our plugins, the cloud terminal API and numerous integration options to existing systems, wallee terminals are a good choice for every company size and requirement.

Other possibilities

For developers

Easier than you think. As individual as you like.

With wallee, you decide. In our portal, you can configure the payment methods with just a few clicks and integrate them directly into your online shop and systems via plugins - without any code at all. With wallee's simple API and SDKs, numerous customisation options are open to you. You can find all the information in the documentation.



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wallee - easy pay any way

With wallee, setting up, accepting and managing payments is easy. On all your channels, as individually as you need and for any size of business. Sign up for free and discover all the options.

One partner for all channels

Online, at the point of sale or via vending machines: With wallee, you have a partner to process payments on all channels - and all in one intelligent system, with one platform, one API. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials and achieve real synergies.

Top technology

wallee offers a cloud-based solution. This promises the easiest integration into all your systems and channels. Use our free plugins, SDKs and the powerful API. All with the highest security and of course PCI certified.

Full flexibility

wallee grows with you and your business. From a small online retailer to a multichannel strategy, you can easily adapt the range of functions to your needs at any time. Registration in the portal is free of charge.

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Discover current information, special offers, developments in the industry and cooperations with our partners in our news slider. From informative, to entertaining, to exclusive offers.

The Swiss festival landscape

A whitepaper, event calendar and map from wallee & Discover® Global Network. Interesting for visitors and informative for event organizers. Download now.

Data insights thanks to omnichannel in the stadium

90 min. action. How FC St.Gallen 1879 benefits from new data insights thanks to the wallee omnichannel solution in the stadium. Our latest use case.

Payment solutions for e-mobility

Payment with debit/credit card or even Girocard at charging stations perfectly solved: Now with wallee & GLS Mobility.

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Just one place to manage all payments. That's all it takes. In the wallee portal, you can set up payment methods, retrieve all receipts, manage your terminals and e-commerce channels, and much more.