Automated workflows


Full control, all possibilities. That's exactly what webhooks offer. You can use them to be automatically notified of selected events and also automatically trigger further actions, e.g. a dispatch notification, invoice dispatch by mail or payment reminder.


Automate processes

You can set webhooks for many events in payment processing and administration. This means that you are not only automatically notified about these events, e.g. about a successful transaction, you can also connect numerous other functions and features in a very simple way. Learn more about the possibilities of webhooks on this page. Details on integration and use can be found in the documentation.

This is how it works

In your wallee Space you define three things:

  • Event - which triggers the webhook

  • Webhook Listener - for state changes of related events

  • Destination URL - to which an HTTP call is sent in the event of an event.

In this way, you are absolutely flexible and can trigger automated processes in response to numerous events in payment processing. You can find detailed instructions on how to use Webhooks in the extensive documentation on the subject. Just take a look at Webhooks in the wallee account - the simple registration is free of charge.

Your possibilities with webhooks

Application examples

Webhooks are a high-performance tool for easily reacting to payment management events and automatically triggering your own processes. Therefore, we also use webhooks ourselves, for example to notify your subscription customers of an expired payment method on request. This is done fully automatically on the basis of the stored payment data and a validity event. Discover some application examples of the possibilities offered by webhooks here:


Renewal of means of payment

Especially for subscription payments, the automatic notification of the customer about a webhook event provides relief.


Invoice dispatch

Arrange for invoices to be sent automatically in the purchasing process on the basis of webhooks. All documents are customisable.


Stock management

You can also use notifications about Webhook events to update the stock of goods. Connect your desired system.



wallee offers the option for automated accounting. Reconcile your payment data with bank records.


Webhook entities

See the documentation for the extensive list of possible events (webhook entities) that can trigger a webhook and thus be used for your automated processes. There are practically no limits to what you can do - from simple, useful features to complex system integrations.

Webhook Listener

You can use Webhook Listener to "monitor" individual events. Use various properties to define what the listener should react to in order to send a POST request to the linked URL. For example, you can use Webhook Listener to specify whether only state changes or all changes trigger a notification, set an id, name or scheduled deletion date and much more. All statuses and properties can be found in the documentation.

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