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Payment links

Accepting payments through websites can be confusing and complicated. Not so with wallee. With the handy payment links, you're up and running in minutes and your customers can send you money.

Payment links with wallee

One link, many possibilities

You have a small project, are organising a fundraising campaign or would like to offer individual products or a service online, but setting up your own online shop is too time-consuming? Then payment links from wallee are the ideal way to receive payments quickly and easily. The link is connected to your wallee account, is provided by us and can be integrated by you at any desired location - e.g. as a button on your website, as a QR code or in an email.


Simple integration

No webshop, no programming knowledge & ready to go super fast. The payment link is generated by us and can be included on your websites, newsletters and more. The required customer data is simply attached to the payment link using the HTML POST method. This way, e.g. every online form can be easily linked.

Use of all channels

With payment links, you are where your customers are - this ensures a better user experience and more sales. Include your payment links on your website, as a handy QR code on invoices, in personalised newsletters, social media, chats or SMS. Where you can post a link, you can accept payments!

Full flexibility

Payment links are included in every wallee plan and can be activated in your account. You have full flexibility: Set whether the payment link should contain an expiry date, only a certain number of payments should be possible or adapt the look to your website via the integrated resource editor.

Without programming knowledge

Include payment links and accept payments immediately.

You generate the payment links in your wallee account and make all the settings there, e.g. whether there is an expiry date. You can integrate the link into any online form and add the data as a parameter to the URL of the payment link using the POST method. Of course, this data can also come from your ERP, a personalised newsletter, a form letter template, etc. On our GitHub page we provide you with practical HTML online forms that you can copy and paste into your page.

QR Payments powered by wallee

Download directly as QR payment code.

In the wallee portal, after creating a payment link, a QR payment code is also automatically available for download. Simply download it as an image file or small PDF, print it out and accept payments in your store or POS. The easiest way to start accepting payments - without any additional hardware or your own webshop.

alley payment links

Possible on any website

The simple integration makes it possible to use wallee payment links on almost any website, of course also on your Wordpress, WIX, Jimdo or Ionos website. The use in headless CMS and via static site generators also works without any problems. Simply copy the HTML form from our templates or create your own form, generate the payment link in the wallee account and integrate it into your website.

Credit cards, TWINT, PostFinance Card, Apple Pay, etc.

Payment methods

Offer your customers all the possibilities of modern payment methods at wallee terminals. With wallee you can easily integrate all important payment methods.

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Just one place to manage all payments. That's all it takes. In the wallee portal, you can set up payment methods, retrieve all receipts, manage your terminals and e-commerce channels, and much more.