Digital payment vouchers with wallee

As of now, the new digital receipts are available to all our retailers on the terminals. A practical feature that not only contributes to more sustainability.

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Digital payment vouchers with wallee
January 20, 2022
Traditional paper payment receipts have recently been the focus of more and more reporting. With increasing digitalisation, the classic paper receipt seems to be out of date - yet its use continues to increase due to regulations and recording obligations. wallee stands for modern solutions and efficiency in the area of payments. With the new digital receipts, we offer our merchants a sustainable solution that meets all requirements and increases convenience for all parties. The QR receipts are now available on all wallee terminals.

The classic paper receipt has become the subject of wide-ranging discussions. In Germany, for example, these took on sometimes absurd features in the context of the so-called cash register security regulations (KassenSichV) - according to which traders must produce all customer receipts, regardless of whether the customer wants them or not.

Why digital receipts?

However, the arguments raised in the discussion around the paper voucher cannot be completely dismissed: Unnecessary consumption of resources, avoidable waste and, for example, the burden on the environment caused by chemicals in classic thermal paper (when disposed of improperly by the customer, e.g. in waste paper). Even quite everyday things, such as annoying "paper management" in bookkeeping or the costs caused by paper rolls are disadvantages.

All things that seem out of time in our digital and increasingly aware world. Digital payment receipts are a simple solution to this.

Digital experiences are our thing

At wallee, it has been our goal since the beginning to develop modern technologies in the payment industry and to use the full potential of digitalisation. This has resulted in intelligent solutions for payment processing via the cloud, which bring many advantages for merchants and are already more sustainable than classic solutions in many areas.

Now in use at wallee

With the digital receipts, we are continuing down this path - in a small detail, but with practical effects. From now on, a QR code for a digital payment receipt can be displayed on all wallee terminals at the end of a transaction. This QR code takes your customer directly to a landing page with their payment receipt. There, for example, a download as PDF is possible.

Thanks to wallee's advanced cloud technology, the new digital receipts are immediately available to all traders via over-the-air updates.

The new digital receipts are of course particularly practical on mobile terminals without printers, e.g. the PAX A50 wallee or PAX A77 wallee. Here, an additional external printer or cash register integration is no longer required. But they are also a practical feature for more sustainability on the devices with printers, such as the PAX A920 wallee, without sacrificing options.

QR code on the terminal / digital receipt on the smartphone

P.S. Other possibilities

As I said, digital experiences around payment are our thing. Of course, redirecting your customer to a landing page offers you many more possibilities. Soon we will offer options for customising these pages. Integrate vouchers, offer a newsletter or current offers. The ideal time to strengthen the bond with your customers.

This is how it works

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