Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups

We are happy to be voted among the "Top 10 hottest Swiss Startups" by StartUp City Magazine. A nice sign of recognition for the whole wallee team...

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Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups
December 22, 2022

wallee is one of the "Top 10 hottest Swiss Startups in 2022".

We are happy to have been selected by StartUp City on the list of "10 hottest Companies in Swiss that are at the forefront of providingStartup solutions and transforming businesses". A nice sign of recognition to our whole team that made our development possible this year.

This year, wallee has made another enormous leap forward. We have welcomed many great new customers, moved into our new headquarters in the Wintower and the wallee team has grown rapidly and is now represented in five locations in Europe. In addition, we acquired SnapSwap International S.A. in the summer, including an e-money license in 27 European countries and the formation of Wallee Group AG.

Together we have realized our vision to offer customers a modular end-to-end payment solution for all channels, allowing large providers to offer innovative payment solutions themselves (white label), as well as directly process digital payments via portals, platforms and F2F. Now we have been selected as one of the top 10 "hottest Swiss Startups" by StartUp City magazine. In the interview, Thomas Heldner, CEO of Wallee Group AG, says:

"With a modular payment solution that can cater to virtually any payment use case in the most seamless white-label manner, businesses can achieve the zenith of payment enablement with wallee."

wallee is among the Top 10 hottest Swiss Startups 2022

StartUp City Magazine continues: "wallee's omnichannel payment solution simplifies processes for merchants of all sizes. wallee offers true omni-channel payment technology for e-commerce and F2F transactions. An end-to-end payment solution: from payment authorization, acquiring and own invoicing to cash flow operations via checking account, digital expense management and Mastercard debit or credit card issuance.

The full article is available at:

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