Simple & flexible: wallee QR Payments

With wallee QR Payments no additional hardware or own webshop is necessary to accept payments instantly and easily.

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Simple & flexible: wallee QR Payments
October 4, 2023

Start now with QR Payments

Do it: wallee QR Payment Codes are the easiest entry into payment acceptance for merchants. Whether as a display in the store, as a sticker on the product or sent digitally: With payment links and QR payment codes, no additional hardware or own webshop is necessary to accept payments via debit/credit cards, PostFinance Card, PayPal, Apple Pay and many more immediately and easily.

Among many dynamic technologies, the QR code has become a real star in recent years - recently also in payments via QR codes. It has long since ceased to be just a fad and has become a major industry game changer. Driven by customer demand for seamless, efficient and fast transaction methods, companies like TWINT have helped make payments via QR codes suitable for the masses, especially in Switzerland. QR Payments powered by wallee now offer merchants an efficient, flexible and user-friendly way to accept a variety of different payment methods via QR payments.

Accept payments, easier than ever: QR Payments powered by wallee

wallee QR payment codes are incredibly versatile. Whether in traditional retail, in a restaurant, a market, event stand or for occasional sales, such as at a trade fair, QR payment codes simplify processes everywhere. Clearly visible at the sales counter or integrated as payment links in websites and emails, they are a clear starting point for the purchase process - without any additional hardware or your own web store!

A few clicks and the individually configured QR payment code is ready:

- Desired currency
- Fixed product
or free amount entry
- Expiration date
and number of uses
- Payment methods
(debit/credit cards, Paypal, TWINT, PostFinance Card and many more)
- Selection of customer entries
(e-mail, address, own fields and many more)

Why QR Payments?

As we all know, every second counts for the perfect conversion. A purchase almost can't be more immediate than with QR Payments from wallee. Customers only need their smartphone, can quickly scan the code and choose from a variety of first-class payment options. This not only makes the payment process fluid and fast, it also provides customers with their familiar infrastructure and favored payment methods.

‍Cost-effectiveand simple
Our QR payment codes are a cost-effective way of accepting payments on site. This makes them particularly suitable for merchants to start accepting payments or as an addition to existing terminals. Registration, configuration and launch are simple.‍

Fast, efficient, contactless
Nowadays, customer convenience, user-friendliness and time savings are more important than ever when checking out. QR payment codes are the perfect tool for this. Your customers can initiate payment on their own, choose their favorite payment method and do everything from their own device. Hygienic, fast, and efficient.‍

Backup just in case
Even if it happens rarely: Problems in your local network are pure stress, especially when it comes to payments. With QR Payments powered by wallee, you have an ideal backup system that works independently of your network and allows payments to continue to be processed. Just in case.

How does payment work for my customers?

As soon as the customer scans the QR payment code with his smartphone using the camera app or any QR reader app, he is taken to a payment page. Here he can either enter an amount or already see the fixed product price, select his desired payment method and, if necessary, enter additional customer data, such as a billing address. Depending on how you have previously configured the QR payment code.

How can I start?

1. simply log in to
2. Select plan that includes payment links and QR payment codes (Basic, Business & Enterprise)
3. A new payment link with QR payment code can now be generated and configured in the "Space" under "Payment Links".
4. The QR payment code is automatically generated to the link and is available for download.

Get started now with QR Payments powered by wallee.

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