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Click to Pay
with Mastercard®

This is how you pay today: With Click to Pay with Mastercard, you can offer your customers a fast and smooth online purchase after a one-time registration - every time. Now available at wallee.

Express checkouts thanks to Click to Pay

Now available at wallee

A fast and smooth checkout has advantages for you as a merchant and for your customers. Click to Pay offers customers a wallet in which debit cards and credit cards can be securely stored and managed after a one-off registration. When checking out in the online store, the payment method then only needs to be selected. Find out more about Click to Pay with Mastercard in your wallee account now.

Activate your wallee account now

Click to Pay with Mastercard

Discover Click to Pay with Mastercard. You can activate the new payment solution for your online store free of charge in your wallee account for all payments in your online store, app or other e-commerce channels.

Easy for your customers

This is how it works

Once customers have registered for Click to Pay, they can call up the debit or credit cards stored there at check-out with just a few clicks in all online stores that have activated Click to Pay. At wallee, you can easily activate Click to Pay in your account at no additional cost and are therefore ready today for the e-commerce payment standard of the future.

  • 1) Register - Customers can register here register once and deposit their credit and debit cards

  • 2) Payment - The payment data stored in the shop can be transferred with a click.

  • 3) Save time - This also eliminates the need to manually enter payment data during guest checkout.

Pay with one click

Check-Out with Click to Pay

Click to Pay is an initiative of EMVCo, a joint venture of American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa. It offers a wallet in which customers can register once and store credit and debit cards. When checking out at participating retailers, customers can then access the payment methods with a single click, saving them from having to enter them manually.

You can also find further information on activation in our Documentation.

Access all credit & debit cards

Fast & comfortable

Once customers have registered with Click to Pay and stored their credit or debit cards, they can pay in any participating store with a click, so to speak. As the end device is recognized, the selection of payment methods is directly available.

Activate Click to Pay now and enable your customers to use credit and debit cards without having to laboriously enter all the data. This gives you the chance to increase conversion, reduce abandoned purchases and increase your turnover - you can add Click to Pay to wallee free of charge.

This is the sign that matters.

This sign (EMV®-SRC payment symbol) signals "Click-to-Pay is possible here". As soon as you as a merchant activate Click to Pay via your wallee account, it will be displayed to your customers in the checkout and offers a quick and easily recognisable option for payment. It signals maximum convenience, speed and secure payment processing.

The EMV®-SRC payment symbol consists of a pentagon lying on its side with two arrowheads on the right side similar to a fast forward symbol. It is a trademark owned by EMVCo, LCC and is used with their permission.


Fast payment on all devices

No entry of payment details
with every payment process

All cards at a glance

Your customer has a central and secure profile for multiple payment cards. The check-out is easier

High security for online payments

Payment data is in safe hands with Mastercard. Thanks to tokenization at check-out.

Start now with
wallee and Click to Pay

Click to Pay is one of the easiest methods for your customers to pay. Once stored, credit cards can be selected by the customer in the check-out - without entering any further data, even in your shop. At wallee you can activate Click to Pay free of charge.