Developed by wallee, the SME Shop Cloud is a Swiss e-commerce solution for SMEs. The platform combines an online store frontend, store management, order management, AI tools and many additional features. For payment processing, wallee can be integrated.






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The wallee portal

The special thing about wallee is not only the simple integration of payment methods in your online shop or POS system. Numerous additional functions are automatically available to you via the wallee portal. As soon as you have installed and set up the plugin, you can use all the functions of the wallee portal.



Step by step setup

Setting up and connecting wallee is easy. Just follow these steps. You will find detailed information on all options in the documentation.

  1. Create a free wallee account Register now
  2. Book a personal demo at and let us advise you

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wallee portal free of charge

Just one place to manage all payments. That's all it takes. In the wallee portal, you can set up payment methods, retrieve all receipts, manage your terminals and e-commerce channels, and much more.