PAX IM30 wallee

Card payment for charging infrastructure

Card payment in EV charging

"We make filling up with electricity as easy as filling up with gasoline"

Payments at charging stations with bank/debit/credit cards, digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT), QR code or fleet cards are now possible with a simple terminal: the PAX IM30 wallee. Our solution can be integrated immediately into existing or new charging stations.

Modern payment methods

Reach all user groups

Modern payment options via debit and credit cards, mobile wallets or TWINT, for example, are one of the keys to making electromobility truly suitable for the masses in Switzerland. With wallee, you have a ready-to-use, modular payment solution for your charging infrastructure. Control multiple charging points with just one payment terminal. We offer the right solution for every need:

PAX IM30 wallee

Powerful terminal with payment processing via wallee for your EV charging project. The modern unattended terminal is perfect for manufacturers of charging infrastructure.

The Pay-t

Plug-and-play in EV charging: Together with our partner GLS Mobility, we offer a ready-to-use payment solution including a commercial and technical backend.

Complete systems

Would you like to start operating charging infrastructure or equip it with open-loop payment options? Together with our partners, we offer attractive complete systems.

For whom is the solution suitable?

Entirely according to your individual requirements, we can offer you a tailor-made solution. In these cases, please contact our sales team.

You want:



Integrate payment technology as a charging infrastructure manufacturer



Set up EV charging complete solution incl. payment system



Add card payment to existing charging station(s)



Integrate payment solutions
for the implementation of regulations

Many advantages

wallee terminals for your charging infrastructure

Whether you are looking for a solution to get started or are an operator of existing charging stations: With wallee, you can now easily offer modern payment methods. With our terminal, you profit from many advantages.


Payment methods

Offer payments with bank cards, debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, TWINT, QR code and much more



Reach all user groups... With wallee you are not bound to charging cards / networks.


Ad-hoc payment

Select charging station, present bank card and off you go. No registration is necessary.


Fleet cards

You can also use fleet cards with RFID tokens via the payment terminal and thus use it in the company


Commercial backend

With the ready-to-use plug-and-play solution Pay-t, you have ready-made backends at your disposal



Operators have it in their hands: customizable billing models, discounting, pricing, and more.


"One for many"

Control several charging points with just one payment terminal. Cost-efficient and simple



Integrating the Pay-t into your existing charging infrastructure is very simple. Get in touch with us!

Henrik Meierhoff, Wallee Group AG
Head of International Business Development

Talk to us about
EV charging solutions

We already have the solutions for modern payment in the field of e-mobility ready "in the drawer" - geared to the needs of users, meeting all legal requirements and with maximum convenience for operators. Contact us.

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Hotel store

More convenience for your customers and less effort for you. With the complete solutions in the operator model with our partner GLS Mobility, you can easily offer e-charging stations including our modern payment methods.

Store in public

79% of future e-car owners prefer to pay by debit/credit card at charging stations, including via Apple Pay and Google Pay. With the terminals from wallee, you can reach all user groups (open loop & closed loop).

Charging at work

Our solutions are also perfect for the workplace, fleet management and for traveling teams. This is because payment can be made flexibly via bank or fleet card. Receipts can be retrieved digitally.

Charging at gas stations

The PAX IM30 wallee and the Pay-t are ideal if several charging points are used at one location. You only need one terminal and can select and pay for the charging point via this.

Arrange consultation appointment

Together with our partners, we can provide you with comprehensive advice. From the complete solution if you want to set up and operate a new charging infrastructure to the integration of payment solutions for charging station manufacturers.